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Old School Hip Hop Vs. New School Hip Hop: The Battle That Matters

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Hip hop has been at the centre of debates for the right reasons as well as the wrong reasons. While it puts out misogynistic music at one end, it also churns lyrics of poetry that talk about the current set of circumstances that we face. Due to that, right and wrong are both present in hip hop and visible to a large extent when you compare old hip hop with new hip hop. Yes, that’s right. Old school vs. new school hip hop is a vital comparison, and we are here to shed our thoughts on the same.

Hip Hop

Old School Hip Hop

The old school genre of hip hop needs no introduction, and there is a large part of people who still listen to the classics. Artists like 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, Jay-Z, and others ruled the stage, and things were quite impressive back then. While rappers like Eminem still continue to trend with the old ways, hip hop has mostly changed. The old style of lyrics and content is no longer used, leaving hip hop in a bad state.

The old genre of rappers were fearless and was quite open to pinning down lyrics in an honest manner. While a few of these lyrics were indeed problematic, they covered up the rest in a manner that everyone wanted. Thanks to all that, the old school genre of artists deserve all the credit.

Old School Hip Hop

New School Hip Hop

There is nothing much to talk about new school hip hop as you tend to find the same thing repeated again and again. While the old set of rappers often spoke about life experiences and how it was like to be a black man in America, the new age of rappers focus all their attention on money, fame, and girls. Their growing interest in the same even brought out mumble rap, and it went on to grab views with lyrics that don’t even last for more than a minute.

While big guns like Kendrick Lamar, Jay Cole, and Joyner Lucas are still keeping things going, the game remains strong with mumble rappers. As a result, it is quite fair to say that hip hop has changed.


Change is either for the good or the bad based on the outcome that it has created. In this case, we are going to stick our head up and say that it was all for the worse. New age music has shifted gears and entered a whole different direction that relies on spoon-feeding the audience. Auto-tuned songs and other aspects have entered the mix to create songs that can only be played at clubs. Hence, old school hip hop wins the game by leaps and bounds.

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